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BREAKING: Harry Reid Announces FBI Director Intentionally IGNORED Russian Hack (VIDEO)

Harry Reid didn’t mince words on CNN Monday morning. He claimed that without FBI Director’s James Comey’s interference with the 2016 election Hillary Clinton would have won easily. Beyond that he also claims that he sent a letter to him back in August asking that he look into the Russian hacks and that the FBI director not only chose to focus his time on Hillary Clinton’s emails but didn’t even take the request seriously:

The FBI director didn’t even have the decency – the courtesy – to even respond to my letter. So I got something from somebody in the government affairs department who doesn’t even know his way down to the Capitol. He sent me a letter saying “we’re looking into it.” They looked into nothing!

When asked why he thought that there was such unwillingness to properly respond to the Russian threat he claimed that Comey’s actions were not only unprecedented and political but that the FBI director was intentionally partisan:

It’s obvious he was a partisan in all of this… It’s obvious. There’s information out there; he had it and I’m confident that he ignored it.

He then doubled down saying:

Comey helped Trump significantly. A week before the election he came out with this: “Oh, we found some more emails.” As a result of that we lost Senate seats and I think we lost the presidency.

Senator Reid, along with a lot of other Senators on both sides of the aisle, are calling for a full investigation into the Russian hack. It is a very real possibility, when the special congressional committee asks itself how this happened, that James Comey’s name will come up. Especially since multiple parties expressed concern. Mitch McConnell – another man who Reid blames for the US’s non-response to the Russian threat – will also likely have to explain why he chose to keep quite for so long.

Harry Reid on Comey’s response to alleged Russian hacks: “He was a partisan in all of this”

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