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Trump’s Pick For Secretary Of State Secures A HUGE Business Deal With Russia (DETAILS)

What’s making Donald Trump choose ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his top choice for Secretary of State? Well, it’s certainly not his experience.

According to NBC News:

“The 64-year-old veteran oil executive has no government or diplomatic experience.”

So, why then would Trump pick Tillerson? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Tillerson and his company have direct ties to Russia and if sanctions were to be lifted in that region, ExxonMobil could once again begin a drilling project.

According to Reuters:

“Glenn Waller, the head of ExxonMobil operations in Russia, said on Tuesday that the company will return to its joint oil project with Rosneft in the Russian Arctic once sanctions against Moscow are lifted.”

Heres’s why:

“The oil major had to withdrew from the drilling project with Rosneft in 2014 when the West imposed sanctions against Moscow for its role in the Ukrainian crisis.”

What’s a good way to make sure sanctions are lifted? Make the ExxonMobil CEO your Secretary of State. That’s not fishy at all, right? Nope. I’m sure Tillerson is just the perfect person to lead our nation in all matters of international diplomacy. That’s it.

Let’s not forget the fact that Tillerson is pals with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Watch the two drink champagne together after a deal was made:


Oh, and Tillerson was also awarded the “Order of Friendship” from Putin back in 2013. It’s almost as if this entire thing has been planned from the get go.

Keep in mind the CIA has confirmed Russia interfered with our election so that Trump would win. If you’re not mad about this, you’re either not paying attention, or agree that other nation’s should control our elections, which would make you a traitor.

Let’s be perfectly blunt. Donald Trump is a scam artist and is using his position of power to partner up and please his cronies, whether they be business buddies or the president of Russia.

Keep in mind, Tillerson still needs to be confirmed by the Senate, so nothing is solidified until that moment, but seeing Trump pick the Exxon CEO when numerous other choices are clearly better is absolutely infuriating.

Trump’s lack of respect for the office of the president is so blatantly transparent, it’s disgusting, and he only cares about himself and his cronies. He’s a danger not only to the nation, but the world.

Featured Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images