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Architect Plans HILARIOUS Change To Trump Tower In Chicago, And Trump Will HATE It (IMAGE)


Trump pissed off the City of Chicago and everyone in it when he insisted on putting his name on his tower in 20-foot letters. In Chicago, you don’t do that. You just don’t, but Trump’s ego won’t allow for anything else. Unfortunately, he won that battle and the only truly pretty building he’s ever built is marred because of it. Now, an enterprising architecture firm, New World Design, Ltd., wants to do something about that.

They propose covering up Trump’s name with big, golden pig balloons, which he will absolutely hate because he has to have his name up in lights everywhere. The pigs will insult him, and their blocking out his name (the horror) will severely piss him off. It should hilarious to the rest of us, though. The Chicago Tribune obtained an artist rendering of what this might looks like, which is below:

See how hard it is to see his name in that image? Trump’s name is a blight on beautiful downtown Chicago, and has become even more of one since Trump won the election. New World Designs said, in a blog post, that there are several purposes to the golden pigs:

  • The “TRUMP” sign – The 20’ tall sign has been contentious since it was installed in 2014. Trump has rejected removal or modifications, so the folly provides a partial blockage of the sign’s visual noise.
  • Inflatable pigs – The giant inflatable pigs are a homage to Pink Floyd’s, Animals album. We encourage folly viewers to listen and make their own interpretations.
  • Gold colored pigs – A commentary on the gaudy style of Mr. Trump’s own gold ensconced penthouse interior he has labeled “comfortable modernism.”
  • Flying pigs – Referring to the perceived chances of Mr. Trump winning the presidential election.
    Pigs – Referring to the infamous “Miss Piggy” commentary.
  • Number of pigs – There is one pig for each of the four years the world will need to endure the Trump presidency.
  • Direction of the pigs – The pigs are flying eastward toward Washington, D.C.
  • Rational design – Rational design is in contrast to the chaos of Mr. Trump’s campaign and the ensuing acts of his administration.

In other words, it’s a humorous way of depicting how they see Trump’s presidency. It also partially satisfies Chicagoans’ desire to see his damned name removed from that tower. The balloons would be moored with buoys in the Chicago river.

Featured image by Scott Olson via Getty Images