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Trump’s Boeing Tirade PROVES His Out-Of-Control Tweeting Is Dangerous (TWEETS)


Earlier today, Donald Trump got on his Twitter account to tell a blatant lie about Boeing’s contract on Air Force One, and actually tried to order them to cancel their plans. But now that he’s the president-elect, he has to learn that his words and his damned tweets have real-world consequences. As Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald pointed out:

He sent a major corporation’s stock prices tumbling with one tweet. While it’s true that Boeing’s stock managed to rebound by the end of the day, what this demonstrates is just how dangerous Donald Trump’s Twitter account can be for us. What if Boeing’s (or anyone’s) stock didn’t recover? What if he decided to go on a full tear against them and their government contracts? The company could go bankrupt.

Donald Trump just proved that he can tank a company with his goddamn Twitter account. And he doesn’t care about how that kind of thing will affect all the people who work for Boeing, or anyone else he decides he hates.

Eichenwald didn’t stop with that one tweet, though. He pointed out that it’s a frightening abuse of power, and that Trump’s tirade against the Air Force One contract might have been a type of revenge. Boeing actually has some concerns about his trade policy:

The Washington Post speculated that Trump’s tweet was in angry revenge, too. Boeing benefits greatly from being able to sell its planes to foreign airlines around the world. Their CEO is right to be worried about Trump’s trade policies:

“Anyone who paid attention to the recent campaigns and the election results realizes that one of the overarching themes was apprehension about free and fair trade. Last year, we delivered 495 737s from our factory in Renton, Wash., to customers around the world. This phenomenon would have been unimaginable when I started at the company in 1985.”

A trade war—any trade war—could stop that, which would cost Americans their jobs. Trump’s tweet came out just after the Chicago Tribune published that quote. Coincidence? Perhaps. But knowing him, maybe not.

Kurt Eichenwald wasn’t the only one to tear into Trump over his ridiculous tweet. George Takei eviscerated him for it, too:

Will someone take Donald Trump’s phone away from him and stop his incessant, irresponsible tweeting, please?

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images