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Twitter Roasts Eric Trump For Saying The Wisconsin Recount Killed 5000 Children (TWEETS)

There’s no shortage of ridiculous claims coming from the Trump family on Twitter. They often stretch the truth beyond it’s breaking point, reserve the right to stick to a claim even after it’s been debunked and occasionally just flat out lie. But Sunday night Eric Trump reached a new low when he claimed that the Wisconsin Recount was responsible for the deaths of 5000 children:


First of all, the Wisconsin recount wasn’t ridiculous at all. Clinton lost the state by just over 20k votes and several counties reported problems with their vote tallies. Trump himself claimed that there were millions of illegal votes. And though his comment was an just a lie designed to explain his poor performance in the popular vote; it makes a pretty good case for a recount. So other than the fact that the recount was expensive, there’s really no reason to blame it for anything.

So Twitter reminded Trump of all the things his father’s famous for wasting money on.

Since expanding security to Trump Tower will cost $1 million a day – by Eric’s count – that means that over 1,400 children could be saved every day if the Trump’s moved into the White House full-time.


According to Trump’s 1995 Tax Records, he likely dodged $50 million for up to 18 years. That would add up to over 1.25 million children. Again, assuming that his son’s calculations are correct.

Not To Mention How Hypocritical It is In General for The Trump’s To Pretend They Care About Children

If Eric Trump actually cared about children dying of Malaria then he could easily do something about it. His family is worth billions and they’re making more money everyday by misusing Trump’s presidential leverage. But no one is holding their breathe. Because this was just a disgusting, insensitive and illogical attempt to use the death of children for political gain. And it blew up in his face all over Twitter.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/Getty