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Tomi Lahren Strikes Back At Daily Show Audience; Goes Unhinged In New Facebook Rant (VIDEO)

Instead of letting her debate points during an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah stand on their own, the alt-right’s Barbie doll, Tomi Lahren, dedicated one of her infamous “Final Thoughts” segments to responding to her experience there. She began by complaining that Noah called her “angry” instead of “passionate” and then proceeded to scream at viewers for the rest of the segment. It only got worse from there.

In case you missed the interview, watch the video below:

Lahren’s “Final Thoughts” are generally filled with rants and insults against people who protest anything she disagrees with, people Lahren calls “entitled,” and unarmed people of color who get themselves shot by police. She rants against people who rush to judgment on stories of police brutality based on cell phone videos and then declares the officers innocent heroes and the protesters violent “thugs” based on cell phone videos. Her judgment is more important than anyone else’s and she makes sure to assert that as often as possible.

Lahren complained that she hadn’t been treated fairly by Noah or his audience, who she says “booed and heckled me for 20 minutes, once for citing a fact, by the way.” That “fact” was, as most of Lahren’s cited “facts” are, a doctored fact that enhanced her own bigoted narrative. She insisted on Noah’s show that “a black man is 18.5 times more likely to shoot a police officer than a police officer is to shoot a black man,” a “fact” she took from The Washington Post. What she conveniently left out was the word “unarmed.” The actual quote from The Washington Post was “An officer’s chance of getting killed by a black person is 0.000033, which is 18.5 times the chance of an unarmed black person getting killed by a cop,” which is quite a different statement.

Of course, she also fails to mention that one chooses to be a police officer while people of color are born in their skin, with all the negative stereotypes already attached to them, and are shot while not only unarmed but posing no threat to the officers’ lives. That’s Tomi Lahren’s modus operandi, though. Skew a fact, misconstrue an argument, rant about being treated unfairly while calling people who say they were treated unfairly “crybabies” and “thugs,” and ignore any evidence that negates the far right’s own personal narrative.

Tomi Lahren attributed this mistreatment by the left because she dares to “challenge [leftist] narrative and threaten their cushy, moral superiority complex,” which she says is the only reason her personal success as a talking head for the far right has not made her exempt from criticism. She ranted and raged about the liberals’ intolerance for views different than their own as if racism, xenophobia, and bigotry are a valid worldview with legitimate debate points.

In other words, it was just another typical Tomi Lahren “Final Thoughts” rant. See the full segment, for those who can stomach it, below.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube