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Watch The KKK’s Trump Victory Parade Go Hilariously Wrong (VIDEO)

John Roberts, a man identifying himself as an “Exulted Cyclops” within the Klu Klux Klan (yeah that’s seriously a thing), confirmed to the Times News Friday that he and his fellow “White Knights” were planning a parade Saturday morning in Caswell County, North Carolina. News spread fast on social media and within hours multiple protests and counter events were planned.

Roberts billed the parade as a “national event” to celebrate Trump’s surprising victory and claimed that hundreds of people would be “flying and driving in.” But with only hours before the event was to take place the Caswell County Sheriff’s department said that the Klan had still not applied for any of the necessary permits.

Crowds of Protestors And Reporters Showed Up:

But as 9 am came and passed the event never started. Meanwhile hundreds of people protested in various locations around North Carolina and just over the border in southern Virginia. The Klan later announced that it had moved the parade to nearby Roxboro, North Carolina at 3 pm. By the time the event actually took place it was nothing more than a few pick-ups quickly driving through town shouting racial slurs out their windows. As the parade became more of an embarrassment than a victory march both the Republican party and Trump’s administration condemned the event.

Short And Sad KKK Parade:

Then Twitter Got Involved:


All in all, the event did turn out to be a ‘national’ spectacle but not in the way the KKK had intended. It’s still unclear why they failed to file the appropriate paperwork, but the event’s rescheduling likely had something to do with fear of the massive protests that had converged on the area. In fact, the eventual location of the ‘parade’ seemed to deliberately avoid attention and the speed with which it was conducted was likely to prevent people from arriving there to outshine them. Despite carrying titles like “Dragon, Wizard and Cyclops” it appears that the Klan was ultimately scared off by non-mythological protesters with signs about love.

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