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Bernie Sanders Just NAILED Trump To The Wall Over Lies About Carrier Deal


Donald Trump is loudly proclaiming victory with the Carrier deal, which keeps roughly 800 jobs manufacturing air conditioners in Indiana, but still allows 1,300 jobs go to Mexico. Trump also gave Carrier a $7 million tax break for it, even though 1,300 Indiana residents are still going to lose their jobs. Now, Trump is turning his attention to another company, Rexnord, and their deal to move 300 jobs to Mexico.

Trump isn’t having any of that, and it sounds great, doesn’t it? However, he lied through his teeth about the Carrier deal, or, at the absolute barest minimum, he convinced the American public that Carrier was keeping most of its jobs here in the U.S. When it comes to Rexnord?

Trump says, “No more!” And Bernie Sanders is calling him out on his lies about it:

Rexnord is planning to close a bearing plant in Indiana. How much will Trump bribe them with to keep those 300 jobs here? Or less, since less than half of the Carrier jobs are staying here. Oh, wait, that’s right. If it saves a job, then it’s a good thing even if it’s corporate welfare.

And make no mistake, it’s not just Sanders that sees this as corporate welfare. Republicans have also said that these types of agreements with individual companies aren’t an effective way of keeping jobs here. They, too, correctly label this as corporate welfare. That’s a practice we need to end since the costs of it end up on the backs of, you guessed it, hardworking Americans like you and me.

Unfortunately for The Donald, corporate welfare and saving jobs are two different things. He’s told the entire corporate world that he can be bought, that all anyone has to do to get a bigger tax break is threaten to send jobs out of the country. Because they don’t already get enough in tax breaks and loopholes.

What Bernie is pointing out is the fact that giving companies huge tax breaks to keep some jobs here is still going to wind up hurting working Americans. Whatever taxes corporations don’t pay end up falling onto the backs of everyday Americans. We’ll end up paying for these bribes with our taxes the way we end up subsidizing everything else in the corporate world with our tax dollars.

And while taxes, in and of themselves, aren’t theft, forcing hardworking Americans to make up for the taxes corporations and the wealthy aren’t paying is theft. It’s robbing the poor and working poor to pay the rich.

Bernie also campaigned on a “drain the swamp” ideology. The difference is that Bernie isn’t an autocratic billionaire who’s looking to further his own business interests via his job in the U.S. government. Trump very clearly is, and he’s proving it more and more every single day.

Photo of Bernie Sandiers by Justin Sullivan via Getty Images. Photo of Donald Trump by Drew Angerer via Getty Images