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Ted Cruz Threatens Trump Over His Many Broken Campaign Promises (DETAILS)

If Donald Trump doesn’t use is power to deliver on all of his horrible campaign promises, Ted Cruz promises “pitchforks and torches in the streets.” He names the Affordable Care Act as being especially important to avoid massive unrest among the Republican base. And he says that they would be right to do it:

And I think quite rightly. I think people are so fed up with Washington, this election was a mandate with change and the most catastrophic thing Republicans could do is go back to business as usual.

But that could be a real problem for Trump because many of the things he promised simply can’t be done or would go horribly wrong if he were to try. For instance, there’s simply no way to bring back the coal industry most experts say. Natural gas and oil are simply cheaper and cleaner to use. Even if every coal regulation were thrown out the industry would still fail about as fast as it is now.

When it comes to the ACA, it may be possible to repeal, but even Trump’s base isn’t likely to enjoy the results. At this point simply repealing Obamacare would likely cause a huge inflation in medical costs. And no matter what most Republican lawmakers might say to please their base, they’re not going to want to be involved in something that may make them look bad down the road.

It’s much more likely Trump would have to replace Obamacare, but with what? What many don’t realize is that the plan behind the ACA was actually designed by Republicans (though some disagreed with it then too) as an alternative to single payer. It’s basically the most free-market way to design the system. So unless Trump plans to design a more socialist system to replace it he’s going to have to keep the basic structure intact.

And even though Trump may have his fellow party members in Congress, a lot of them are very concerned about many of his suggestions. They’ve already come forward saying they won’t support his infrastructure plan and they’re not likely to pass his tax reform which calls for $10 trillion in new debt. Keep in mind a lot of these people made it into Congress by promising to cut the debt.

Trump seems to be realizing that the presidency is a lot more difficult than it might look. Sources inside the campaign say he was completely shocked when he won; others have alleged he never wanted to win at all but just to get more attention. More than likely he hadn’t planned on it and may not have thought too far ahead about some of his promises. We already know that he isn’t very good at fact checking.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty