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“More Votes Than Voters,” Wisconsin Counties Investigating Massive Voter Fraud (DETAILS)

As Wisconsin prepares for an official recount, 5000 fake Trump votes have already been subtracted from Trump’s lead. Trump only won by a total of 27k votes meaning that his lead has already decreased by 18% before the recount has even begun. In addition, 4 counties in Wisconsin have just reported that their vote tallies are much higher than the total number of voters in the election. It’s starting to look like a reversal could actually be possible.

Recounts may also take place in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and if Clinton is able to find enough fake votes in all three states she could win. Just after the election she said that she had no intention of calling for a recount. But after a recount in Wisconsin was initiated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, she’s agreed to give it her support.

There are also reports that Clinton was given evidence of voter fraud by an independent group of computer scientists, which may have helped to change her mind. The group, working out of the University of Michigan, says that they have strong evidence of voter fraud in the three states mentioned earlier. They have not publicly released the information yet; but whatever it was the Clinton campaign changed their stance on a recount just two days after hearing about it.

Trump for one isn’t pleased. Despite having expressed concerns about the integrity of the election himself just prior to the election, he’s now saying that the recount is a ‘scam.’ He famously said that he wouldn’t accept the results of the election if he felt that it was unfair. A statement that he probably wishes he could take back now.

To be clear, the possibility of a Clinton win is still a long shot. But the fact that 5000 cases of voter fraud have already been discovered is a promising turn of events for liberals and anyone concerned with gay rights, healthcare reform, fair taxes, poverty, state marijuana laws, women’s rights, media independence, climate change or education. Or, you know, if you just don’t want to see America fall apart and the rest of the world descend into chaos.

Featured Image via Cory Ryan/Getty