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Alec Baldwin DESTROYS Trump’s Campaign ‘Promises’ In HILARIOUS SNL Cold Open (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is going to have a hell of a time fulfilling all of the promises he made while sneaking his way into the White House; and Alec Baldwin isn’t going to let him forget it. In Saturday Night Live’s newest Cold open the actor puts on his Trump face once again to mock our next president’s child-like bewilderment at his new job.

I won’t spoil the clip at the bottom of the page but let’s just take a minute to go over some of the promises that Trump made on the campaign trail. Remember, many of his supporters actually believe that all of these things are going to happen. Though he may not realize it yet being president doesn’t mean that Donald Trump can do anything he wants. People will undoubtedly resist his actions especially after midterm elections when he’s likely to lose his majorities in Congress. And then there’s just reality, which many of his promises don’t seem to take into account.

Reviving The Coal Industry

I know that your Conservative friends have been telling you that Obama killed Coal with his unfair regulations, but the reality is that Coal just isn’t sustainable anymore. It’s far too expensive. Most experts say that Coal is likely to go bankrupt with or without regulation. The only thing that could save it would be to stop drilling for oil and natural gas. And ‘clean coal’ is even more expensive and still far dirtier than other forms of energy. It’s never actually been applied on an industrial scale even in countries without regulations.

Putting An End to ISIS

Trump claimed for a good party of the election that he had a ‘secret plan’ to fight ISIS. Though he later hinted that it was simply to listen to his generals. Which is pretty much always the plan. It’s pretty unlikely that Trump will be any better at destroying them than Obama was. And since most of his supporters felt that our former president did a terrible job they’ll be expecting some sort of success. And Donald Trump is likely to make things worse rather than better.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Basically every president says this. But Trump’s supporters have been led to believe that even Obama’s record low unemployment rates aren’t good enough. Anyone who starts out their presidency with 4.9% unemployment is likely to see them rise a little. By mocking Obama’s numbers he’s painted himself into a corner. There’s nowhere else to go but down. And when he does all of his opponents will remind those same Trump supporters that the “real numbers are actually much worse.”

Repealing Obamacare

Fox News may have people convinced that Obamacare is ruining America but actual experts say that all the increases in price we’re seeing would have actually been worse without it. But repealing Obamacare completely would lead to a massive, nearly instantaneous price jump for everyone who still has insurance. And lots of people would suddenly lose their insurance; some of whom don’t even realize they’re on Obamacare. It would effectively lose Trump the next election single-handedly.

Remember that he’s already made all of these promises, which means people are expecting them even if they would ultimately be disappointed with the outcome. He now faces the same problem that all of his predecessors did: sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them. But since’s he’s already given his word he’s going to upset most of the American public whether he tries to keep these promises or not.

Here’s Alec Baldwin’s Take On It:

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